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Gaming Room

Bringing people together through video gaming

Enjoy your favourite games like FORTNITE and Minecraft

with all your friends sitting right next to you

Looking for a place to come hang out and play video games? 

Don't have access to the video games you want at home?

Want to play with all your friends in the same place.

For Just $5/hour, you can play Fortnite on one of our 10 high end PCs, Super Smash Bro Ultimate on our Nintendo switch, or Saber Beat on our PSVR.

Dominate your friends and play with life sized versions of your Fortnite Skins on our 100" projector.

How it works

$5 per hour

1 hour of play on any of our systems for one person
Access to our VR station

VR - Virtual Reality

For ages 12+

Our VR station is connected to our 100" projector screen. Come enjoy one of the best VR experiences with PSVR.

We have games for all levels of difficulty.